Monday, November 23, 2009

Immediate Front Tooth Immediate Dental Implant *(Difficult Case)*

A female patient of mine from Scottsdale AZ presented with a discolored upper front tooth. The tooth had been traumatized in the past and is now "dead."

The radiograph "x-ray" shows the root is resorbing or "dissolving". A Bridge is a poor choice in this case because it would mean cutting down the otherwise healthy adjacent teeth to "stumps" to fit a bridge

The tooth was extracted and on the same day an immediate implant was placed. These photos are from the day of surgery. *Note: ALMOST NO BLEEDING*

This is the temporary tooth made for her on the day of surgery. She wore this for 3 months during the implant healing phase. She was told she could not chew with this tooth for the entire 3 months.

Notice how well the gums have healed after 3 months. The "scalloping" of the gumline is perfect and we have avoided a long crown and any risk of "black triangles" between the teeth

Here is the final tooth. This is close to perfect. The gums have healed ideally and the final result is exceptional. Ideally she should have had orthodontics to align her teeth, but she just wanted a straight front tooth. She was extremely happy with the result!

The final x-ray shows great bone levels! She should have this tooth for the rest of her life!

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