Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gingival Grafting (Gum Grafting) Procedures and Their Importance

Gum disease, aggressive brushing, and factors such as genetics and the aging process can cause a patient’s gums to recede. If you’re self-conscious about the amount of tooth surface that shows when you smile, there’s an answer. It’s called gingival grafting or "gum grafting", this procedure is an important one offered at our office. Gum grafts improve a smile’s appearance and health. The procedure adds tissue to your gums, restoring the proper aesthetic ratio of gums to teeth and maintaining an optimal level of gum tissue.

Adequate gum tissue is vital to keeping teeth healthy, so if you are considering tooth replacements with dental implants, a gum graft treatment can help prepare your mouth for a successful implant process.

Gum grafts provide patients with:

•Protection against tooth decay
•Coverage of tooth roots
•Better overall oral health
•Reduced bone loss
•Greater chance of implant success

A gum graft is performed by a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon with the advanced tools and techniques needed to perform the surgery. Before undergoing a gingival graft, you will have the option to use your own tissue for the procedure or use donor tissue, which Dr. Dorfman utilizes called Alloderm. IV sedation or General Anesthesia options are available to help you stay comfortable during treatment.

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